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        HI THERE

        My name is Aubree and I'm so happy you're here. By now, you probably know I'm a photographer who lives in Cow Town. I have a thing for nice humans, nice llamas, and nice pizza.

        You cannot make everybody happy, you are not pizza.

        I'm really just a professional third wheel.

        I say funny things all day to make people laugh while I take their pictures. And I love it. I get to go to some really cool places and make new friends every day. I’ll tag along on a date, hide in bushes like a weirdo or dance along with wedding guests during the reception to the get perfect shot.

        My husband Jared and I got married 5 years ago and it’s been fun. He’s 15” taller than me (I’m just 5 feet tall!) and it’s really worked out since he can reach stuff on the top shelf. We have a tiny human and her name is Aera (Air-uhh). We named her after a super obscure Tolkien character. (Level 1 nerd right here.)

        When I’m not following love birds around with my camera, I’m probably watching pizza documentaries on Netflix with my main man. Unless Aera’s awake, and then it’s Baby Shark. All. Day. Long.

        TL/DR: Enneagram 4w5. Has cute fam. Likes taking pictures of people who like each other. And watching Netflix.


        My fiancee and I are really awkward in front of the camera and are dreading photos, is that ok?

        Where are you located and do you travel?

        Can I have the RAW, unedited photos?

        I love your style, but you are a little out of my budget. Do you offer custom packages?

        How long will it take to receive my images?

        Can I use filters or edit the photos you deliver?

        What kind of gear is in your bag?


        Yes! As an incredibly awkward person in front of the camera, I feel your pain and I do this for a living. What the heck do you do with your hands?! Don't worry. Take a breath, enjoy the super incredible playlist I've picked out for our session, and laugh at my incredibly funny jokes. I promise to make it as painless as possible. Heck, if you're super concerned, let's order a pizza and pretend like you're just on a date with this super cool stranger (soon to be bff) as your third wheel who happens to have a camera. If you haven't met me in person before booking, it's why having an engagement session can be really helpful. We can get to know each other without any pressure of the "day-of" schedule. Easy peasy.