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        HI THERE

        My name is Aubree and I'm so happy you're here. I'm a photographer based in Fort Worth, Texas with an obsession with nice humans, nice llamas, and queso.

        You cannot make everybody happy, you are not queso.

        I'm really just a professional third wheel.

        When I was in art school, the painter Rembrandt inspired my work and continues to do so. I still create in a way that is inspired by his painterly style with a nod to a chiaroscuro view of the light. If there are any art nerds out there, the golden ratio is something I always aim to use in all my images. You can trust that I’ll play off of what I see rather than what I want in my portfolio. You’re my focus! My goal in every situation is to capture the feeling and memory for you to enjoy for generations. I’m passionate about my craft, but I’m even more passionate about humans. If I do my job right, you’ll not only come away with beautiful photos, we’ll both come away with a new friendship. 

        When I’m not taking pictures, I’m exploring and enjoying life with my better half, Jared, my adorable daughter, Aera, and my pup Willow.  I’m an introvert who loves stories and I can’t wait to document yours. 

        My fiancee and I are really awkward in front of the camera and are dreading photos, is that ok?
        Where are you located and do you travel?
        Can I have the RAW, unedited photos?
        I love your style, but you are a little out of my budget. Do you offer custom packages?
        How long will it take to receive my images?
        Can I use filters or edit the photos you deliver?
        What kind of gear is in your bag?
        Yes! As an incredibly awkward person in front of the camera, I feel your pain and I do this for a living. What the heck do you do with your hands?! Don't worry. Take a breath, enjoy the super incredible playlist I've picked out for our session, and laugh at my incredibly funny jokes. I promise to make it as painless as possible. Heck, if you're super concerned, let's order a pizza and pretend like you're just on a date with this super cool stranger (soon to be bff) as your third wheel who happens to have a camera. If you haven't met me in person before booking, it's why having an engagement session can be really helpful. We can get to know each other without any pressure of the "day-of" schedule. Easy peasy.